Peer Review Process

1-   Initial step

All submitted manuscripts will be checked to decide whether it follows the journal ethical policies and guidelines, and improperly prepared manuscript will be sent back to the authors for changes and resubmission.

2-   Assignment of Reviewers

Editor-in-Chief will determine the compliance of the manuscript with the scope of the journal and the significant contribution that it will add to the scientific community. Passed manuscripts from the initial checks will be assigned to at least two independent experts for peer-review with a maximum period of three weeks. A single-blind review will be applied, and the peer-reviewed comments are confidential.

3-   Editorial Intern Decision

Based on feedback and comments from the peer reviewers, Editor-in-Chief will make the judgment to accept, ask for revision or reject the manuscript. For Minor Revision, the authors will have to resubmit the precisely revised manuscript within a maximum of one week. For Major Revisions, authors will have four weeks to submit their revised manuscript. Response to reviewers' comments should be in a point-by-point fashion. Authors may contact the Editor-in-Chief for extra time when necessary.

4-   Editorial Final Decision

Editor-in-Chief will check for the compliance of authors' responses to the reviewers' recommendations and determine the final decision Publication Process.

5-   Publication process

Once accepted, the manuscript will go for professional editing language revision, and pagination. The galley proof will be sent to the authors for final revision within 48 hours, after which the approved manuscripts will be published online by the journal website on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.